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Arthur L.

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ETA reflected this item to be last to deliver, surprised to receive it fastest among my other purchases. This belated review is due to the testing of this product.

And YES! It works.

Sprinkled on my ants-infested Areca palm. It wiped out almost the entire army of ants in a few days. Nice and simple resealable packaging too.

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Lazada Buyer

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Thank you seller for expediting my order!

We are trying this out for bedbugs and I must say so far so good.

This has got to be the solution to the nasty bugs!

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Owner of Barney, Truffles & Patches

Takes some time to work.

But it kills the ticks and I find ticks corpse on floor and on Barney.

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Owner of Tiger

There are these pesky little insects that hide in the cracks of my wooden floors that won’t get sucked up by my vacuum nor die when i mop with antiseptic.

They bite my dog’s skin whenever he tries to relax and lie down, causing him to jump up and scratch and nibble at himself.

I’ve personally seen these bugs retreat into the tiny cracks!

After i sprinkled some diatomaceous earth in the little holes, my dog can lie down or ‘sploot’ for long hours peacefully without getting irritated.

I sprinkle some of it in my dog’s food too, since it’s food grade!

Make sure your pets don’t inhale it though!

If you’ve got a cockroach, tick, flea or pest problem, no harm giving a natural solution a try

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Owner of Smiley

I have never heard this Diatomaceous Earth powder before.

If I did I would never had use them, its like a multi-purpose powder to repel away flea ticks insects.

It can be sprinkled at areas thats prone to infestation, flush it down the drain, floor cleaner, used to put in near the windows where ants climbs up n down.

I now often use it on Smiley as a powder bath especially at the mid week between bath days (once a week) i’ll be honest its a lil drying on the coat, but it can be fixed with my favourite Melanie Newman Everyday conditioning spray to fix in the moisture back into the coat.

Once I rescued a bird that’s injured n infested with mites n flies and the DE came in super hand, just spammed sprinkles the powder all over it and the visible fleas/mites were dead in 20mins, a fly also flew outta its feathers.

The best think i like about it, its NOT poisonous toxic.. even if the animals or kids accidentally lick it you wont be poisoned.

In fact u can kinda drink it? Mix it with ur toothpaste n ur teeth would miraculously turn whiter over few use twice a day.

Would recommend it as essential in ur household use, this is 100g it can last almost forever.

Most importantly it is AFFORDABLE with purchase via @sgpolishchicken or @kiki_minpin , thank you for introducing to us!

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The Flea Infested Chick

Found this little chick, abandoned in the wild by its mum.

It was infested with mites & fleas, and applied DE and the fleas just jumped out and die.

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Owner of Pixie

Omg! The DE damn awesome!

Apparently one of my boarding dog kibbles got those rice beetles then i pour some DE inside his kibbles and in the drawer where i keep his food.

Then the rice beetles within seconds dead already!

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