Grain Mites in your Pets’ Feed

Mites, Ticks and Fleas Infestation

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Food Grade can also be used on pets such as dogs, cats and birds or chickens!


Simply dust your pets with food grade Diatomaceous Earth in their fur or feathers. You can also apply to bedding and carpeted areas or floor boards, where ticks will usually hide.

After few days, you can vacuum or wipe off the powder.

Diatomaceous Earth act as a dehydrator for bugs, and thus will dry out your pet’s fur.

Do not use excessively.

Food Supplement

DE is full of natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and are known to be beneficial to pets. And you can simply mix into their dry food.

Keep Dry Food Dry and Free of Grain/Flour Mites

Have you ever encountered opening the container of dry feed, only to realise there are bugs infestation? Pour some Diatomaceous Earth in and shake the bottle. Coat each grains or kibbles and no more annoying insects in your pet’s dry feed!

Chemical Free Deodorizer

Sprinkle DE onto carpet, kitty litter or bedding to neutralise bad odour.

Natural Dewormer

DE can also help pets to get rid of roundworms, whipworms, pinworms and hookworms within a week of faily feeding. It should be fed for at least a month to kill hatching eggs and worms in the stomach.

Mites/Fleas/Ants Prevention

You can also mix into your chickens sandbath to prevent mites/fleas/ants etc.

There are so many more you can do with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for your pets!
Do google for more tips and information.

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