How To Get Rid of Booklice in Singapore

Booklice Issues in Singapore?

Diatomaceous Earth can help you!

How to Get Rid of Booklice aka Psocoptera Infestation in Singapore?

Have you seen brown/greyish little ants-like insects crawling on your walls, bookshelves, dried flowers, dried feed etc?

These are most likely the common booklice. Strangely, their name does not suggest that they are only found in books! They are also known as Psocoptera and thrive very well in Singapore’s humid and damp conditions. 

They feed on mold found in these humid places, books adhesive (which suggest their names), damp wood, and they love dark places. 

One thing to be rest assured is that, these little booklice do not bite or sting, but it is sure annoying to see them running around the house! 

In fact, I first noticed them on my walls in 2019 feeding off the adhesive on my wall stickers! I took a torchlight and shine on them to check how many are on the wall, and they were so cute in the sense that they will just scurry away to hide behind the stickers, and some will just stun and freeze there, hoping that they will not be spotted.

So I did the following steps and it’s been more than a year, no signs of any new infestation.

  1. Find and remove the source. (In my case, it was the wall stickers)
  2. Clean the affected areas with diluted bleach. (Optional)
  3. Scoop out our DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth and Rub on the walls.
  4. Leave it for 1 week and wipe off with a cloth.

Tip: Do it when the walls are still slightly damp with the diluted bleach. (Optional)

The Diatomaceous Earth sticks better when its dried.

It will be unsightly if you have coloured walls, but fret not, just simply leave it there for a few days, and wipe the dried DE away.

Diatomaceous Earth is chemical-free, and safe for use at home especially when you have pets and children. Do take note that during the application, there may be a little mess. As our DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth is very fine and has the texture of flour/baby powder.

Fret not, just vacuum up the excess on the floor, it sticks and stays pretty well when you rub them on the wall.

Alternatively, if your walls are too smooth and its difficult to stick on it, you can take a damp cloth and dip with DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth and just wipe on the infested areas and wait for it to dry.

If you need DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth urgently, please do not hesitate to contact us here or from our stores here. We will try our best to expedite delivery to you. 

Meanwhile, you can also check on our authorized retailers nearest to you.

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