Ants & Cockroaches Problem!

This is one of the most common issues in our household – Ants & Cockroaches.

Many ask if ants or roaches will eat Diatomaceous Earth?

The answer is No. Diatomaceous Earth is not a bait, it is tasteless!

Remember, diatomaceous earth need to be in contact with the pests for it to work, it will stick onto their bodies, and slowly dehydrate them to their death.

When should I use Ant/Roach Bait or Diatomaceous Earth?

  • Use chemical baits when you do not have a source of infestation or any ant trails
  • Use chemical baits AWAY from children or pets
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth when you have a trail, or ant nest.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth when you have children or pets, it is chemical-free and 100% safe for them.

Does DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth Works on Ants and Cockroaches?

For ants infestation in potted plants,

Sprinkle a generous amount of Diatomaceous Earth on the soil, and try to mix in if possible.

Diatomaceous Earth is safe for all pets & plants. It is made of Silica, and the 2nd most abundant mineral found in your soil!

Potted plant with drainage holes – I lifted it up, and you can see the ants trail around it too.

Sprinkle DE on it and around it. Then put the pot back.

Keep it dry for 1 to 2 days if possible. As you want the ants to be in contact with the DE.

Reapply again when it gets washed off by heavy downpour.

Diatomaceous Earth is ineffective when it is wet, but not to worry, as long as the sun is out, it will dry and be back to normal.

Diatomaceous Earth is made of silica, and it is a dehydrating agent, so what happens is that they slowly dehydrate the exoskeletons of these ants, causing them to dry out to their death.

1. Diatomaceous Earth works mechanically to dehydrate the pests to the deaths.

It will take time, and may even be slower than chemical baits/sprays.

2. But it is definitely the safest method and they do not build up any chemical resistance to it, as Diatomaceous Earth is CHEMICAL-FREE!

How much to use?

Remember to apply generously on the top soil, so that the pests can be in contact with the diatomaceous earth. Here’s a photo for reference, screenshot taken from our video “4 Easy Ways to Apply Diatomaceous Earth on your Plants

For Cockroaches Infestation,

  1. Find the source, or path. Are they coming from your main door, or the rubbish chute?
  2. Sprinkle at the edges of their path
  3. For rubbish chute, you can wear glove and a dust mask, take a good amount and rub it at the edges of the inside of the chute, and around of the rubbish chute. This also helps to absorb any odour too.

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