Ticks Infestation in Dogs?

Source: Google Images

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Do you know that Diatomaceous Earth can also prevent mites & fleas too?

Diatomaceous Earth can kill ticks and yet safe for your furkids!

Check out this video where we collected some ticks from a super cute corgi – Barney.

Thank you to Steph from Muffinsaurs for collecting these ticks and keeping them for us.

Keep your doggies and house protected with Diatomaceous Earth now!

Not only Diatomaceous Earth kill ticks, it can also help kill and prevent mites and fleas too! And 100% safe and its also a natural dewormer for our doggies.

Simply just apply like how I do it to our Kiki here:

If you need DE urgently, please drop us a message on Shopee, and we will try our best to expedite it for you. If not, head down to our authorized retailers to purchase them.

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