Flying Gnats in Plants/Soil?

Diatomaceous earth singapore

Have you seen those black tiny flies that you thought it was mosquitoes? Well, except that they don’t bite.

It is actually a common problem especially in potted plants with poor drainage soil conditions. Gnats love to lay their eggs in moist conditions. And feed on decaying plant materials in the soil.

Overwatering and poor soil drainage will attract them!

How to get rid of plant gnats naturally and safely?

Of course, by using our DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth!

Sprinkle onto your soil directly and mix them in if possible. If not, just cover a layer of diatomaceous earth evenly on the soil.

Water your plant as normal.

The diatomaceous earth will dehydrate and kill these pesky bugs before they can even start to fly out of the soil.

Diatomaceous earth singapore

How Much to Apply?

Remember to apply generously on the top soil, leave it to dry for 2 to 3 days, so that the pests can be in contact with the diatomaceous earth.

Here’s a photo for reference, screenshot taken from our video “4 Easy Ways to Apply Diatomaceous Earth on your Plants

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