Get Rid of Bedbugs in Singapore!


Diatomaceous Earth is the most effective, cheapest and safest method to get rid of bedbugs!

How to do it effectively & safely with Diatomaceous Earth?

There seems to be a recent spike in bedbug infestation in Singapore. 

And Diatomaceous Earth is your best bet against these annoying pests!

Source: DENutrients Lazada Reviews

Simply sprinkle them all over the mattress, edge of the mattress, floor and do not forget to rub onto the surrounding walls (They love to hide in wall cracks too!), bed frames etc. 

Leave the Diatomaceous Earth for 24 hours, and vacuum it and wipe it off. Check with a torchlight to see if there’s anymore of these bugs.

Repeat if they are still present. Usually 1 treatment is enough. 

For bedbugs treatment, please buy the 1kg version, as you need to cover all 4 sides of the mattress.

Please do not continue to sleep on the mattress during this treatment. 

If you need DE urgently, please drop us a message on Shopee, and we will try our best to expedite it for you. If not, head down to our authorized retailers to purchase them.

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