Rice Weevils in Rice and Grains

Rice Weevils Infestation!

Do you know some rice/grains manufacturers add Diatomaceous Earth in to prevent such pests?

Bought too much rice? Rice Weevils?

Did you also join in the recent panic buying in Singapore due to the DORSCON Orange Alert and ended up with excess rice grains ?

Singapore’s humid weather is extremely prone to weevils and worms in our rice grains especially when most of the households do not have the extra refrigerator space for your rice grains.

Most rice suppliers in Singapore store their rice supplies in chilled warehouse to prevent such weevils infestation and to make sure it is dry and not humid.

Rice weevils will also infest your drawers and cabinets,
not just the rice grains itself!

How can Diatomaceous Earth help?

Here is a study paper to show that Diatomaceous Earth is widely used in rice grains storage as it is effective in keeping these pests out and safe for consumption. Although this study is on assessing the grain moisture content, volumetric weight, lipid acidity etc, it also clearly stated that :

The diatomaceous earth used in the rice grain showed to be efficient in grain conservation and rice quality, and also showed no effect in technological quality and rice cooking parameters on parboiled and conventionally processed rice after twelve months of storage.

Source: http://spiru.cgahr.ksu.edu/proj/iwcspp/pdf2/9/6204.pdf

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

As written in my previous articles, there are 2 types of diatomaceous earth in the World.

  1. Food Grade
  2. Pool Grade

Always remember that food grade is the one to use in ALL your applications and daily life. DO NOT EVER USE POOL GRADE unless is for professionals who uses it for industrial usage such as commercial filtration, paint mixing etc.

Food grade diatomaceous earth are used in our wine filtration, body scrubs, toothpaste, and now you know, grains storage.

DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth is sourced from Australia and is 100% Food Grade, Organic and safe for all.

What Should I do with Rice Weevils Infestations?

If you have such problems with rice weevils in your cabinets and drawers.

Just simple SPRINKLE Diatomaceous Earth on the affected areas, leave it for a couple of hours and wipe it off.

You can also rub a thin layer on the sides of the cabinets/drawers to prevent further infestation.

OK, I now need Diatomaceous Earth urgently! Where to buy DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth?

If you need DE urgently, please drop us a message on Shopee, and we will try our best to expedite it for you. If not, head down to our authorized retailers to purchase them.

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