How to apply in Pet Chicken's Sandbath?

Source: SGPolishChicken

Pet Chickens & Diatomaceous Earth

Do you know Diatomaceous Earth helps control odour and flies problem in your chicken coop too?

Diatomaceous Earth & Pet Chickens

If you’re a pet chicken keeper in Singapore, Diatomaceous Earth is the definite “Must-Have” item for you!

Not only it keeps the mites, fleas, ticks, flies away, it also help to make their feathers dry and fluffy! And also helps to control odour as well! It also is a natural dewormer for them.

The video above shows how you can use Diatomaceous Earth by simply mixing into their usual sandbathing area.

This will also help prevent ants in the area too.

Where to buy DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth?

If you need DE urgently, please drop us a message on Shopee, and we will try our best to expedite it for you. If not, head down to our authorized retailers to purchase them.

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