Diatomaceous Earth Duster? Why not try this $1 bottle?

I’ve received many enquiries on where to buy a duster for Diatomaceous Earth application.

Reason why I do not bring in is – the dusters are not cheap! And you can definitely find a more affordable alternative to it.

Here re my personal recommendations:

Ketchup/Condiment Soft Bottle

These are squeezable, soft, and comes with a sharp nozzle and even a cap!

You can squeeze directly into hard to reach spots such as edges of the flooring boards, wall cracks etc.

And these are only 70 cents to $1!

Can be easily found at hardware shops, wet markets or Daiso.

Best part? You can store the Diatomaceous Earth in by capping it!

Pepper Shaker

I really enjoy using this pepper shaker where I got it from Chinatown at $2.50 if I recall correctly.

I usually use this on my pets, to dust their feathers (chicken) and fur (dog) with Diatomaceous Earth to keep the mites, fleas and ticks away.

It keeps my hands and fingers clean. And also control the quantity of the powder when I sprinkle on them.

100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from Australia!

1kg – $24.80

100g – $5.80

Free Islandwide Shipping!

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