What is “Wet Application” For Plants?

Firstly, you must be wondering, Diatomaceous Earth is ineffective to pests when it is wet, so WHY do wet application?

Wet application is highly recommended for plant pests such as mealybugs, aphids, thrips, spidermites, as they are attached to “awkward” spots of the plants stems, underside of the leaves.

The whole idea is to that the diatomaceous earth will stick better to these “awkward” spots after it is dried, and it will be effective against these pests who crawl over it.

How to do it?

  • Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons to 100ml of water. You can adjust the dosage if you want a thicker coverage.
  • Put in a spray bottle
  • Spray the entire plant, cover evenly.
  • Leave it to dry.

How often to reapply?

  • Leave the plant to dry and reapply only when the pests are still there.
  • I usually leave it outdoors for 1 to 2 weeks.
  • And give the plant a good shower after the pests are cleared.
  • Or just wait for the rain to wash it away!

This is how it look like after it is dried. I will leave it as it is for 1 to 2 weeks!

Re-spray the solution again if pests are still present.

And give it a good shower or just let the rain to wash it off!

1. Diatomaceous Earth works mechanically to dehydrate the pests to the deaths.

It will take time, and may even be slower than chemical baits/sprays.

2. But it is definitely the safest method and they do not build up any chemical resistance to it, as Diatomaceous Earth is CHEMICAL-FREE!

What is Dry Application?

Dry application is just sprinkle directly on the plants and soil. No need to mix with water. This is also the most effective method to kill the pest, but it will be slightly messier if you sprinkle directly on the leaves.

Take a look at our video below for the “4 Easy Ways to Apply Diatomaceous Earth on your Plants”

Here’s also a screenshot from the video for reference on the amount to put on your soil for soil pests such as ants, millipedes, gnats, etc.

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