Poultry Lice Problems

How to Kill Poultry Lice on your Pet Chickens Safely?

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How does Poultry Lice look like?

Here’s a video to show you what is poultry lice. They move much faster that red mites, also another common pest found in pet chickens.

Poultry lice have an elongated body shape, golden or light brown in color.

Does DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth Works for Poultry Lice?

This is a time lapse video to demonstrate how DENutrients diatomaceous earth kill these pests by dehydrating them to death.

It took less than 15 mins upon contact. And is 100% safe for our pet chickens!

What are poultry lice?

Poultry lice are parasites that live on birds like chickens and ducks. As the name suggest, it is only found in poultry but will spread to other birds species or even ducks. It does not infest humans, or other pets such as dogs, rabbits, cats, etc.

Where can poultry lice be found?

They are usually found buried deep in the feathers. Take a torchlight to shine and comb through their feathers. Another tell-tale sign is clumps of white stuff at the bottom of the feathers (known as the shaft). More details below.

Does poultry lice affect humans?

Poultry lice does not affect humans (or any other animals such as dogs or cats) as they feed on feathers.

How does poultry lice affect the wellbeing of the chickens?

These lice will bite the chicken and feed from its skin. It irritates them and causes the chickens to scratch and loses its feathers. Badly infested chickens will also lose massive weight and lay fewer eggs.

Where does it come from?

They can be infested when they come in contact with wild birds. Another possible situation is when using old poultry equipment not knowing that they are infested.

How to avoid this from happening?

Never reuse old poultry equipments without proper sanitisation and quarantine new birds before introducing them to your flock for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

Always make sure that your coop is clean and dry. And always use DENutrients diatomaceous earth in your coop, sand-bathing area and around the backyard.

How do poultry lice reproduce?
Photo credit to Shirley

Poultry lice lay clumps of white eggs on the feather shafts. When a bird is infested with poultry lice and is introduced to the group, the lice will crawl from one bird to another, eventually infesting the entire flock. 

How does DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth help?

Sprinkle and brush your chickens with DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth. It helps to dehydrates poultry lice’s exoskeleton to their deaths. In the video above, you can see that the death occurs in less than 15 mins (Time lapse video). Use only DENutrients 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to ensure the safety for you and your pets.

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