Stop putting Diatomaceous Earth Blocks into your food storage!


The dangers of using unknown source of Diatomaceous Earth.
Read on to find out why we should stop using this commonly sold product.

I stumble upon these cute little small Diatomaceous Earth blocks at Daiso and was surprised to see it being marketed as dried food storage to keep it fresh.
This is the shocking part, it is made of a mixture of Diatomaceous Earth AND Plaster!
Is it even food grade quality?
I doubt so as it is not even mentioned.

If you read closer, it state that “photograph is only for illustrative purposes only.”
I strongly advise against putting this into your food storage as we are unsure if it is 100% food grade quality.
It could be a mixture of crystalline diatomaceous earth that is even banned in some countries.

Use only DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth even for your other applications such as outdoors, or for plants.

We are 100% food grade quality and take pride in making sure our products are packed in licensed food processing facilities to prevent any possible cross contamination.

Diatomaceous Earth is commonly found in our food

Previously, we have written an article on how diatomaceous earth is used in our daily food items. You can click here to read more about how you have been ingesting DE all your life without even realizing.

How to use DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth?

There are also so many usage for DENutrients Diatomaceous Earth.

From pest to odour, to pets, plants and even for cleaning!

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